Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 2016

March 2016

Lower School chapel services demonstrate a great deal of leadership from our students: grades one to four. Students help with prayers, reading scripture, plays or bible story reenactments, music and even technology. Many of our fourth grade students have a very special role in planning chapel services with our Chaplain, Ms. Nan Zosel. The photo shows that chapel is often an active experience for our students. The direct involvement in sharing spiritual connectedness and community prayer is a wonderful experience for our young students. The chapel is such a beautiful space that everything from peaceful prayer and meditation to roof raising song fills the space. We are fortunate to be at a school that recognizes the power of prayer and community sharing.

Our gr. 4 Chapel Committee is not in this photo, because their work is more "behind the scenes".  Those committee members help select stories, nominate songs, and offer fun ideas such as letting the 2nd graders wear their animal hats to portray the animals getting on board the ark, which is pictured above.  They also serve as cantors, lectors, and run the Power Points and soundboard. Fourth grade students' work and leadership helps us all stay engaged during our time in Chapel.  As Ms. Zosel says, “They are an imaginative and reliable crew!”

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