Monday, February 1, 2016

January Reflections

 January 2016

Students have been a special part of our admissions process for many years. We began with Upper School as select leaders for this process, but each year more and more students wanted to invest their time into highlighting the school for prospective parents and student guests. Now, opportunities for leadership start in the classroom P-4, during our admissions season. Lower School students welcome adult visitors and child guests equally.  A couple of students are selected as classroom guides throughout the day, showing a visitor the classroom routines, lunch, and basically assists during each transition. The welcoming spirit makes the day flow smoothly for a classroom guest and appreciation is demonstrated with smiles all around at the end of the day. 

Our admissions open house was Sunday, January 10th. The select fourth graders in the photo were well prepared to lead groups of families throughout the school. They answered questions, entertained little ones, and shared special Breck memories. Our adult guests were highly impressed with our student ambassadors. We appreciated their poise, articulate answers, and general enthusiasm for the school. Each student ambassador contributed to a very successful afternoon.

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