Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December: Thoughts on Leadership

When we speak of leadership opportunities in the Lower School, we have to highlight our Student Council. Our Lower School Student Council has representatives from First Grade to Fourth Grade. Council members are elected by their class, and meet on a weekly rotation. Members of the Student Council board take their position of leadership very seriously. They model for all of us what a community should look like: demonstrating respect, working together, planning, and taking on new responsibilities. Just one of the many examples of this was when we met as a Lower School last month in the theater to share our hopes for a good community. Classrooms from P-4 came to the meeting with 3 expectations that they felt were important things for a community to do, to become, and to practice on a regular basis. There were themes that went along with the general expectations of: responsibility, respect, safety, belonging, and maintaining a green/clean environment etc. The student council representative read the class expectation into the microphone and the class gave a shout out to their theme. Our Lower School Student Council president and vice president worked hard to help organize the yellow sheets. Hearing out community expectations out loud, seeing the yellow sheets with those same words written on them, spread across the floor, and watching community work in action all solidified for our students how we take being a strong community seriously. It is one thing to say we are a community and it is another to learn to act on that. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to raise positive leaders throughout the Lower School. Each member of the greater community has the opportunity to shine in their own right, from speaking up in class, in chapel, in the theater etc. to opening doors for another person or greeting guests on Grandparents Day. Student Council is one of those important ways in which we model active and humble leadership.  And, which leads us to be better individuals and connect to the greater community each day.

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